How the French Get their Fiber: Dieting in Paris

A lot of people who come to Europe are surprised by how slim and slender Europeans are. Particularly, French women have been known for being tall, slender and beautiful. While this is bewildering for many North Americans because the French diet is laden with red meats, fatty cheeses, fresh bread and red wine.  How do they do it?  The thing is, the French eat foods that are freshly baked without preservatives. And they eat in small portions, unlike in North America.

The French Diet and Fiber Intake

One of the things that surprises many people is the lack of fiber in the French diet.  Most of the breads are white and are not whole wheat or whole grain as we have in North America.  So, the French need to find other ways to get their fiber since it is often missing in their sources of carbohydrates.  They do, however, eat plenty of vegetables. You will often see beds of lettuce and cheese served with slices of fresh red garden tomatoes.  They’ll also eat plenty of spinach served with olive oil and basil on a crisp baguette.  And many choose to opt for a fiber supplement to ensure they get what might be missing from their diet.  Most French people are only getting around 16 grams of fiber per day as opposed to the 25-35 grams they should be getting.

While they will drink between 1-3 glasses of wine a day (for an average adult), they are also eating over 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables today.  Their portions of bread and pasta is quite small and cheese is only eaten in light quantities as well or as an aperitif.  Many French nutritionists and weight loss specialists are recommending Skinny Fiber as an excellent supplement to one’s diet.  With this dietary pill, French men and women are able to eat less because they don’t feel as hungry throughout the day. Fiber works as a natural appetite suppressant since it fills the stomach in a way other foods will not.  By eating around 25 grams of fiber a day, you’ll get what your body needs to stay energized and properly fueled.

Without getting fiber from whole wheat products, many people are lacking in their fiber. Skinny fiber helps get the nutrients you need. Especially with popular gluten-free and grain-free diets, it is essential to find a supplement to provide you what these diets are lacking. Without fiber, your body won’t run as efficiently. It is necessary to be in great health and to help you lose weight.  One important note is that you must drink a lot of water because you don’t want to get constipated or bloated.  By having a diet rich in fiber and vegetables, you can enjoy European luxuries like red wine, meat and cheese in moderation.